Poster Session

All participating Ph.D. students are also encouraged to submit a poster.

Important dates:

  • April 1, 2011 - deadline for registering posters to corresponding member of the organizing committee

Best Poster Award

As a result of voting, the Best Poster Award was awarded to Noémi Székelyová for her poster Theory of generic model.



  • Ján Kriška: Effect of erythropoietin in angiogenesis of ovarian adenocarcinoma cells
  • Veronika Urbanovičová: Impact of disturbances on soil fauna in High Tatra Mountains


  • Jozef Magura: Porous materials deposited on Al2O3 support by dip-coating
  • Jozef Parnica: Deep eutectic solvents and their potential as protein stabilization systems
  • Michaela Šimšíková: Surface modification and characterization of ZnO-nanoparticles
  • Katarína Šipošová: Influence of magnetic fluids on insulin amyloid aggregation
  • Katarína Tlučková: Polymorphism of guanine-rich DNA
  • Marianna Vargová: Synthesis and NMR study of novel spiro acridin-imidazolidinthiones


  • Martina Ivanecká: APOS theory
  • Jana Plavčáková: Theory of didactical situations
  • Noémi Székelyová: Theory of generic model


  • Lucia Balogová: Identification of set of Bcl-2 like proteins recruited by Hypericin photodynamic action
  • Diana Búzová: Solubilization of poorly soluble photosensitizer hypericin by polyethylen glycol
  • Jana Kiššová: Phase diagrams of the spin-1/2 Ising-Heisenberg model on a triangle-hexagon lattice
  • Moktar Amhmed Omar: Construction of micro-Raman instrument in combination with optical tweezers
  • Dana Petrovajová: Kinetics of incorporation of hypericin into LDL using stopped flow method