Student Research Forum

Important part of this Spring School is the interdisciplinary Student Research Forum. It provides a great oportunity for Ph.D. students to present their work and results to collegues, get feedback from them and invited speakers - experts in their field of study, as well as from people working in other areas.

A talk at Student Research Forum is limited to 20 minutes.

Important dates:

  • January 31, 2011 - deadline for registering talk to corresponding member of the organizing committee
  • April 1, 2011 - deadline for submission of abstract of the registred talk (one A4 page, using one of templates below)

Templates for abstracts (see also Springer LNCS Style):

Schedule of Talks

Best Talk Award

As a result of voting, the Best Talk Award was awarded to:

  • Mária Kopperová (Mathematics):
    On vertices enforcing a hamiltonian cycle
  • Alena Strejčková (Physics):
    The incorporation of Emodin and Hypericin into artificial lipid membranes



  • Miroslava Garajová: Pioglitazone and rosiglitazone in the prevention of chemically-induced mammary carcinogenesis
  • Terézia Kisková: Resveratrol and melatonin in the chemoprevention of mammary carcinogenesis in female Sprague-Dawley rats
  • Lenka Kočíková: A flower colour preference by butterflies
  • Natália Kokošová: The impact of prenatal irradiation with gamma rays on hippocampal neurogenesis and behavior in adult rats
  • Viera Kútna: Detection of releasable ectonucleotidases in CNS during  physiological conditions and epileptic seizures
  • Anna Matiašová: Bioavailability of BrdU in the rat serum after intraperitoneal administration
  • Linda Petijová: Can biology stop time flow?
  • Juraj Piovár: Short time influence of nitrogen substances to metabolism of lichens Evernia prunastri (L.) and Xanthoria parietina (L.)
  • Veronika Poracká: Accumulation of coumaroylspermine in Matricaria chamomilla L. during floral development and nitrogen deficiency
  • Jana Sitáková: The effect of windthrow on soil arthropod communities in the spruce forests of the High Tatras (Slovakia)
  • Ivana Uhrínová: Imaging markers as a way how to predict viability of early human embryos
  • Ivana Vantová: Copper tolerance in the lichens is constitutive rather than inducible form of metal protection


  • Ľuboš Bauer: G-quadruplex DNA: structural variability, occurrence in cells and biological role
  • Ján Elečko: Application of aza-Claisen rearrangement in the azasugars synthesis
  • Anna-Mária Krajníková: Preparation and properties of zinc carboxylates with potential biological activity
  • Dušan Krnáč: Chromatographic analysis of estrogens with using SPE as a selective pretreatment step
  • Dávid Maliňák: The using of Overman [3.3]-sigmatropic rearrangement for stereoselective synthesis of (+)-lactacystin
  • Peter Očenáš: Electrophilic - nucleophilic difunctionalization of indole to form a new C–C bond
  • Ján Petrovaj: Enantioseparation of novel amino analogs of indole phytoalexins by HPLC
  • Kvetoslava Pomikalová: Synthesis of the protected D-ribo-C20-phytosphingosine and its C(2)-epimer from D-ribose using Overman rearrangement as the key reaction
  • Lucia Váhovská: Fe(II) and Co(II) complexes of phenanthroline with pseudohalide anions
  • Peter Vranec: Coordination compounds of transition metals with 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives

Computer Science

  • Zuzana Bednárová: Lower bound approximation for push down automata.
  • Radoslav Gargalík: 3D reconstruction of microscopic objects
  • Ľuboš Hládek: Neural models of auditory distance perception
  • Ondrej Krídlo: Categorical view on L-fuzzy concept lattices
  • Ladislav Mikeš: Environment for visualization of microscopic objects and scattering of radiation.
  • Jozef Oravec: Processing Acyclic Data Structures using modified Self-Organizing
  • Mária Palušáková: Algorithms for alignment of two or more strings.
  • Tomáš Pénzeš: Application areas of artificial immune systems
  • Imrich Szabó: Reference points based representation of polynomials in space
  • Martin Šumák: Top-k search in product catalogues


  • Stanislava Andrejkovičová: Asymptotic behaviour of the nonoscillatory solutions of neutral differential systems
  • Ľudmila Bezegová: A construction of balanced degree-magic labelling
  • Dávid Hudák: On 1-planar complete multipartite graphs
  • Jana Hurajová: Betweenness centrality of a graph
  • Matej Juhás: Extreme value analysis in non life insurance
  • Katarína Kocová Mičkaninová: Teaching of probability using ICT
  • Mária Kopperová: On vertices enforcing a hamiltonian cycle
  • Andrea Kanáliková: Irrational numbers at grammar school in the past and today
  • Filip Krajník: Intersection of compact congruences of algebras
  • Martina Mockovčiaková: Vertex-distinguishing edge colorings of circulant graphs
  • Eva Pillárová: A near equitable cake-cutting algorithm for three players
  • Tatiana Polláková: Supermagic non-regular graphs
  • Michal Repiský: Core of a housing market
  • Rastislav Rusnačko: Multivariate linear model
  • Gabriela Rusnáková: Numerical modelling of blood flow in compliant vessels: numerical results & stability analysis
  • Martin Rybár: Copulas - compatibility problem and Fréchet classes
  • Peter Šugerek: Minimal k-rankings of some regular graphs


  • Martin Botko: Physical properties of highly sodium doped layered cobaltates
  • Lenka Dzurová: Intracellular distribution of Hypericin studied by time resolved measurements
  • Zuzana Harmanová: Difraction processes in proton - proton collisions in the ALICE experiment
  • Peter Kaliňák: Strangeness particle production in ALICE experiment
  • Vladimír Kolesár: Study of correlations between structure and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline alloys with using synchrotron radiation source
  • Štefan Michalik: The reverse Monte Carlo simulation of disordered systems
  • Barbora Petrušková: Radiobiological models in radiotherapy
  • Alena Strejčková: The incorporation of Emodin and Hypericin into artificial lipid membranes
  • Róbert Tarasenko: The study of magneto-structural correlations in two-dimensional quantum system Cu(en)(H2O)2SO4
  • Vladimír Tkáč: Thermal conductivity of CsNiF3
  • Peter Vrábel: Magnetocaloric effect in dynamic spin ice Pr2Sn2O7