Invited Talk (Biology)

Utilization of the videoconferencing technology in academic environment -
in teaching, projects collaboration, and science popularization

RNDr. Ján Gálik, PhD. Institute of Biology and Ecology,
PF UPJŠ, Košice, Slovakia


Videoconferencing system is the system for simultaneous on-line interconnections of several participants, who can communicate by voice, writing, image and video in real time. They can share presentations and files; they can discuss and create common documents, etc. In the first part of lecture, the basic properties of videoconferencing system will be described. In the second part, the actual system EVO, which is free for academic use, will be presented; not only in theory, but also in practical use, in actual videoconferencing connection. In the last part, the possibilities and perspectives of videoconferencing technology, and practical experience with its utilization in teaching, project collaboration and in popularization of scientific results and achievements will be discussed.