Invited Talk (Computer Science)

Syntax and semantics
of predicate calculus

doc. RNDr. Stanislav Krajči, PhD. nstitute of Computer Science,
PF UPJŠ, Košice, Slovakia


The alphabet of propositional calculi will be done, especially their special symbols (disjont sets of data type symbols, variables, constant symbols, function symbols and predicate symbols including their types and/or signatures). Informatical aspects of these notions (e. g. the type control or overloading of operators) will be discussed too. Then definitions of two types of meaningful words in propositional logic, namely terms and formulae, will be given, inspired by analogous linguistic notions. The syntactical part will be finished by the definition of substitution (including substitution in terms and formulae). In the semantic part, the defition of interpretation (of all symbols) will be given and then values of terms and formulae again all with examples in mathematics and computer science (especially in databases).